The Salt Marshes

The Salt Marshes

One of the most important activities of the territory of Trapani.

The Stagno and Trapani salt marshes were exploited in antiquity and reached the height of their importance in the 19th century, when salt was exported as far away as Norway. The long periods of saunshine (five or six months a year) and the impermeable nature of the land made these marshes very productive, although activity has declined in the last 20 years. At one time, windmills supplied energy for the Archimedes screws used to take water from basin to basin; some of them have now been restored. At Nubia the Museo delle Saline is now open, and The Stagnone area will soon become a fully fledged nature reserve. The seawater will be protected from pollution, and the age-old tradition of salt extraction will survive.



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